How To make a Website Without coding : Create in Just 5 Easy Steps



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Today I am going to talking about one of the most common question which every second  person wanted to know that how to make an website.

In desire of making money from AdSense by monetizing it by ads.. people make crazy among making its own website or blog to make money or something to show his talent across the world.

Many of people have the ideas or something special knowledge which they want to share with the world... Or .. someone having a product or want to sell something across the world. So website can be the best option that they can start with..

Difference between Blog And Website

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Many of people confused the difference between blog and website...Its nothing much difference but almost both similar.

As I have said earlier that if You want to sell products or services online or having a business then it can said a website. But if you having some ideas or something creative to do and wanted to publish across the world by the medium of internet then it is called a Blog.

Starting with

I will not tell you to learn such complex languages such as PHP, java etc.. to code your website. Only just you have to make an very small investment to buy the domain.. or host ( if you are making with wordpress) .

But here I will suggest you to make the website with blogger because it is best for beginners, and the best part is you don't have to buy host only just invest in domain.

Because if you want to rank in the search engine like Google, the domain is very essential in SEO and making a web address.

Steps to make Website or Blog

I will tell you each and every steps in plain English so no chance to not understand.. I am making an blog with blogger. You can also start with wordpress but as I told earlier if you have the budget to buy the host..then you can start either start with blogger

Step 1.

First of all you have to must have an google account to sign in blogger.. Just go to and the click on create your blog...

Step 2.

After that you will be redirected to the next page of blogger and again you have to click on create new blog

Step 3.

After that an pop up like window open and you will be asked to choose the Title, Address and Theme.

You can choose any appropriate Title according to your category choosen. Suppose if you have the technology categories and your name is Johnathan then you can choose JohnathanTech or DigiJohn

After that you have to choose your web address in the address bar which gives it identification to the blog like or any appropriate name. If you want to remove .blogspot from the web address then you have to purchase the custom domain from godaddy or bigrock . If you have purchased then go to this guide to connect it with blogger.

The last one is choosing a best theme..There are many free themes in blogger that you can choose and customize it according to you..If you want some crazy cutom themes here you go.. And then click on create blog..

Step 4.

Congratulations...You have created your blog and has been ready to go live in search engines..
only just start to write some interesting post articles so that it can be seen maximum to the people.

To see your blog just go to view blog.

Step 5.

If you have a wish to buy a custom domain.. to make it as a website. If you want to purchase it from blogger only then you can go to settings> basics> Buy a custom domain.

It is little expensive but easy to setup. But I would suggest you to buy from third part sites like Godaddy or bigrock .You can buy it in cheaper rate at the first year and if you get good response from your site then prurchase it for many years.

If You have any Question reguarding this..Feel free to contact..

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