10 Tips to Increase your Android's Battery Life

Android phone is getting advanced year per year by introducing new and improved technologies which help the users very much for getting done their work easier . Along with the smartphone making companies They are researching and developing improved battery which makes it long-lasting. A few years back the new way of powering up the android that is Li-polymer which has a different composition from Li-ion  to make batteries which includes a gel type composition which can be reshaped in any form to install in slim smartphone and their output capacity is much that is better than li-ion.

But many users use their android roughly means they don't consider the performance of battery only their work should be done even their performance of phone is too low by running heavy apps and battery draining apps and they blame to quality of battery and phone. So the users are responsible of their android performance and battery. so by experiencing and researching I have explained and given ten tips that very much help you to extend your android's battery performance...

1. Don't run heavy apps in background

There are many apps which drains battery life a lot. You may using Facebook app for connecting with your friends and used to open it many times a day but you should know that facebook runs in backgrounds with very heavy services that it eats up huge battery and even sometimes hang your phone.

And not even facebook app but all apps that you used to open it many times and forgot to close from background this will slowly drain up your battery. So better suggestion is that you should try to use liter apps like you can use facebook lite instead of facebook app or you can use browser for opening their particular services and try to remove the apps from background so it will deffinetly saves the battery life of your android phone.


There is an another factor affecting battery life. By default in every smartphone the animation scale is already enabled. This will much affect the battery performance while toggle to other apps or while going to home screen. This may look better in animation scale but regular use of animation scale can also affect to your phone's performance

You can decrease the animation scale or you turn off this. You can go to the Settings app on your Android phone. If you don’t find Developer Settings, then go to Settings>>About phone and tap on ‘Build number‘ a few times. Go back to Settings, and you will find ‘Developer Settings.’ Tap on it and there you will find three options namely ‘Window animation scale,’ ‘Transition animation scale,’ and ‘Animator duration scale.’ Turn them off. Then you can fell much difference in battery life.


Using of wifi and Bluetooth can be the better option for file sharing and for internet connectivity. But as we all know that regular connectivity of internet through wifi drains much battery life. When WiFi is on, the mobile keeps searching for new networks at regular time intervals. Similarly keeping the Bluetooth on constantly drains the battery. So turn off WiFi when not using them.

This is all using of wifi and Bluetooth but there is an another wireless that is GPS. It drains up huge battery life while locating or navigating the position. It is good to use that it can help in case of stolen device or lost device but you can turn off when you are at home or when you don't need it. Or you can use airplane mode when you are travelling when not expecting to incoming calls and only listen to music for long hours.


You may use this feature to sync your Google data or other important messages from preventing it to open the particular app. Well synchronization runs in background and drains huge battery life whenever the data connection is on.

Go to Settings>Accounts and view the sync services on your account and turn off the unnecessary ones. Or you can disable it for all the apps and services to saves much battery life and also helps to optimise the android performance.


Many smartphone making company install the battery saver option in which you can save the battery life by closing all background app and wireless services. But I am not talking about this battery saver. There is an hidden feature that very much saves battery life by turning off the colourfull LEDs and displaying only by only black and white combination of LEDs so that it saves much battery life almost 80% that's why I called ultimate battery saver.

You can turn this on by going to settings>about phone> tapping four times in build number then go back to settings and find developer option under this find simulate colour space and then select monochromacy . You can watch this video


Well optimising of battery life can be done by user or we can use third-party apps. You may have one question that in above I have said that don't use apps which runs in background. Well trust me this is an wonderful app that help you to optimise battery life.

Greenify saves your battery life by pushing apps into a sort of ‘hibernation’ mode. Not only it stops an app from running in the background, but it also prevents it from starting until you open it again. Just select the apps you want to hibernate and notice an increase in your battery life and performance. But I don't recommend to use the cleaning apps that promises same to optimise battery but actually it self run on background and consume battery


Google assistant is an best personal assistant which provide its services by only speaking and listening. but its voice recognition feature can continuously keep listening for the ‘OK Google’ keyword detection and hence drains your battery very much.

So if you are not a regular user of google assistant or you don't like its services you can disable it from going to the Google app, click on Settings>>Voice>>”OK Google” detection and from there you can disable the voice recognition feature to increase Android battery life.


You may like to use the adaptive brightness feature in which it adjusts the brightness according to light adapting  by phone. This very much helps by when we are out and automatic adjust its brightness. but due to this continuously changing in brightness it consumes huge battery life . So whenever you are at indoor you or any other dark places you can disable the automatic brightness. This will help you to increase in battery life.


You may like to set beautifull live wallpapers everyday or even a couple of days to look the phone better in which it has animation which runs continuously in your homescreen but behind this it consumes too much battery that it can power off in less than expected hours. Also it reduces its device performance by continuously running. So stop using these live wallpapers instead you can use normal wallpapers.


We always used to check notification time to time whenever some new notifications comes. There are many unwanted notification of apps which mainly annoying and also consumes processor power whenever any notification comes. And just they pop up anytime which also consumes battery power.

So we can manage all the apps notification and decides which notification should pop up according to our convenience. So we can go to  Settings>>Notification and there you can view app specific settings for notification. Turn off notification for an app by clicking on it and select ‘Block All.’ This will stop the processor from checking on it from time to time, thereby making your phone battery last longer. and also reduce the disturbance made by these notification.

So these are all the Ten effective ways in which we can optimise our battery performance. So I expected you go through this article but  if you have any questions regarding any problem feel free to contact..

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