Jio is known to be offer its 4G internet plans to millions of its users at very cheaper rate than other telecome company which drastically drop down its business to its loss that they have no choice to provide  cheap internet plans to its users. Jio has given free internet plans as an investment to its users from july 2016 . which later on increasing the number of users by providing free voice calls which millions of customers by knowing the demand of india which other company can't even imagine to give.

By this craze of its services Now jio  is into the mobile market with an unbelievable offer which you might have never imagined. Whenever Jio comes up with a new product people will surely believe that they are going to get something reasonable. Right? . Today Reliance Jio has announced the launch of latest 4G feature phone into the market.. One can buy Jio 4G phone by depositing the reasonable amount and it will be refundable after 3 years. Is it not a good deal? It is absolutely a staggering deal that everyone would love. so many of you exciting about its specifications and lots of myths also arises that it have hospot or not? or it support WhatsApp? so my word below will clear all your doubts.


Jio never compromise to give full satisfaction to its customers so jio phone has the cool and usefull features that make this feature phone different from other ..

  • Well unlike the other features phone the jio phone also have 2.4 -inch QVGA display that provide pretty much viewing experience that it can play movies , videos that expected from its users.
  • Jio phone also provide free 4G voice calls that allow you communicate continuously - thanks to the Jio sim.
  • Jio phone has VoLTE enabled in it that provide true HD voice calls from Jio to Jio.
  • Inbuilt memory is provided and can be expanded with a card slot up to 128 GB. it means it can store up to large including photos and videos
  • This phone has the voice command feature given by users that directs you according to the voice given.
  • It comes with Alphanumeric Keypad that helps the users to text easily and a direct torchlight button that allows you to shoot photos/ videos too. it also provide comfort to type as it is not hard to press.
  • 4-way navigation system, inbuilt ringtones, call history, all Jio apps are available -
                         My Jio
                         Jio Tv
                         Jio Money
                         Jio Cinema
                         Jio Music
                         Jio Chat
                         Jio Xpress News
  • A headphone jack, speaker, microphone and also supports FM
  • A different and unique feature that has been introduce in Jio phone that we can link device with Tv to view in big screen with an cable that we have to purchase it separately
  • SOS feature will be activated by pressing 5 buttons in case of emergency.
  • It also supports NFC to enjoy faster online payments and which make this phone more demanding.
Now its time to talk about its specification-

Jio Phone Specifications:    


Screen Size                                                                                                    6.09(2.4 inches)

Screen Resolution                                                                                         QVGA(320×240)

Keypad                                                                                                          Alphanumeric

SIM Slot                                                                                                     Single Sim Slot(NANO SIM)

Battery                                                                                                     2000 mAh, Li-Po(12 hours                                                                                                                                              
   stand by time 15 days

Color                                                                                                                Black

Internal Storage Capacity                                                                           4GB Memory

External Storage Capacity                                                                          128GB Memory

RAM                                                                                                                512MB

Camera                                                                                                           Rear Camera: 2MP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Front camera:0.3MP
Torchlight                                                                                                      YES

SD Card Slot                                                                                                  YES

Music                                                                                                             YES, Headphone Jack

4G VoLTE support                                                                                        YES

GPS                                                                                                                YES

Connect With TV                                                                                          YES

Digital voice Command                                                                                YES

FM Radio                                                                                                      YES

Bluetooth                                                                                                      YES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


  • Jio is planning for introducing different and attractive plans to customers of different packages of data .
  • Jio users are required to pay an amount 0f Rs 153 per month which users can avail the benefit of free voice calls and sms.
  • Another plan is also introduced in which users has to pay an amount of Rs.309 per month to get all the Jio apps and which supports the TV by your mirroring screen with the help of a cable which is developed by the company which is even able to plug into a CRT TVs.these cables sold separately.
  • Jio phone came along with two other new week plans of amount Rs24 for two days and user can also take the plan of Rs.54 per week who won’t subscribe to a monthly plan.

These plans are apparently cheaper and best as per the user compatibility. and can be later introduce more attractive plans for customers which users want to grab it.


Well the device has full of amazing feature that make this feature phone more craze among the people.I think no one can suspect that big thing this pretty cool device.People might be thinking that never expected features of Jio 4G phone may cost more than their assumption. But here also mukesh ambani has brought this device in much lower price. The tariff plan of Jio 4 Feature phone states that users need to pay an amount of Rs. 1500/- as a security deposit for three years. It means you are paying an amount of Rs.500/- per year. However, these amounts will be refunded after 3 years as said by Ambani.

I think it is enough information about the Jio phone to well known to this device. Inspite of all if you have any questions reguarding this or any topic feel free to contact...

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