10 Tips To Increase Your Android phone Performance

Android is known to be a most suitable and open source operating system at all the time. Since the android version is upgrading year per year according to the compatibility of phone which brings major and minor updates in all the area weather it is hardware or software. The os is also now advance and capable that it can  manage the device performance by own.

But there are millions of devices that are outdated of OS ,which are still running on android 4.2, 4.0 or earlier version. These android version are not too much capable that it can handle heavy application and games which users want to run in their device as compared to the latest version of android. Also people used to force android to install and run heavy apps.

These devices also don't have much RAM to handle many process simultaneously at the lower price range of smartphone. So users face in decrease of android performance which they obviously frustated .Then they start searching in web and play store to boost up the android easily and they used to install many useless application  that have gained high rating in play store. they also take many unnecessary action that may face to loose their performance and  android . So here we have 10 important tips that you can surely boost up android performance....


Updating of your android version to the latest version can help you much in increasing the android performance but also updating  the security patches which gives you more user friendly servecies. Depending on your device and android version it may be little bit different from other device but it realtively easier.

we can check updates by going in setting>about phone>check for updates (in most devices)


The every app that you install takes some storage space and consume ram .the more you install heavy apps gives more impact on background process which ultimately slow down your phone. 

So it is necessary to keep those apps which you need the most according to your specification of device .


Most of the smartphone companies provide bloatware (inbuilt apps) in their devices during manufacturing. usually to provide user friendly services to their user. These apps runs in background most of the time to moniter the activity  but unfortunately they can't be uninstall without the superuser permission for that you have to root your device.

Rooting your device is not the option for the user that don't now about rooting. Alternatively we can uninstall the updates or by disabling it by going in settings>apps>system apps>choose any app>disable


The play store is full of apps containing boost up apps and cleaning apps that promises to make the device like new one . These apps only clean cache memory and remove the residual files that you can do by own under app settings. and also it removes the apps from background process that lite the device

But the reality is that it itself running in background with heavy process which slow down the android. So removing these apps is best action that you can take . The user is itself responsible for performance for their device..


You must love to set attractive live wallpapers that are already feed in you android at the time of manufacturing (depending on companies).

These wallpapers affects heavy impacts on CPU cycle and drain battery much faster everytime when you set live wallpapers. Every time when you activate home screen , you run not only apps but also run live wallpapers. So if you have activated it just go and remove it


The launcher that are come with android is generally an default launcher that is sometimes easy to use. If you have an HTC ,Samsung, sony that are generally slight different from other launchers
Using a  stock android launcher is best as it provide the simplest interface to users like in MOTOROLA companies.

so using an custom android launcher is the bestest \option that you can choose as it provide much custom themes, beautiful skins and effectively provide simple interface than the default launchers You can use Nova launcher , next launcher , google launcher and much that you can find in play store
Rooting an android can be the best way to unlock the administrative feature that you can fully control you android . rooting of android has many advantages that you can do much more intresting things that you can't do with your non-rooted device.

You can uninstall the inbuilt apps by changing the permission of that app by  advantage of rooting also you can  flash it with custom ROMs that may be a better fit to your job requirements or personality, or to enhance the performance and battery life of your phone. You can even update your phone to the latest OS or updates that could otherwise be unsupported for your phone model.

But as I said earlier that rooting the device may not be the best option way form normal users. lack of knowledge of rooting if take any wrong action can cause the device to brick.. So rooting your device is as per your own risk.


Syncing can be the best option to synchronize your device to check emails and messages automatically every certain time interval . Keeping the syncing on can get every notification and app updates when ever it comes . But syncing consumes much battery life and will it up the android performance or other activities

You can keep syncing on whenever you need urgently or you can check mails and updates manually.


Cleaning of apps from the background or stop the unnecessary apps from the background is good as per your ram requirement of you device . But removing the apps from background may not usefull sometime.The apps that are running in the background if cleaned from background the apps have to effortly reopen buy the system whenever you open  .

This cause heavy effect to the android and consume more battery life and eat up CPU cycle and activities . But also today our android system and its functions are so smart that they know how much RAM and process have to give to every app..


Finally, The maintenance and use of android is up to user . It depend on user that how they maintain their device .Many background process activities and regular usage of android can may slow your device.

Power off the phone can be the usefull option if you do once a week as it clear the all the recent background activites and fixes  the many error and problem that is faced when android is running .

Also the user experience the fresh android and better performance  after switching on the phone.

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