10 New Features of All new Android oreo

Finally, Android has launched its new Android version 8.0 known as Android O. The most better and secure Android version know to be providing more optimistic performance which gives more enhanced performance to its users. Also it requires higher compatibility android device which can support android 8.0 as it is officially launched by Google which supports on Pixel devices.

So now this time google has much improved his android version which includes lots of amazing features which can surely force you to buy.. Google has also tried to make this version more user friendly and more even securer than the earlier version. Google has much focused on google assistant which provide more information and smarter that it have to be also the android team has worked hardly and spent much time to make the android O smoother and smart ever. It introduces some new  and extra features that I am going to tell about..


Google has changed his app drawer interface and UI to the much smoother experience. The Pixel launcher will now let you swipe up from almost anywhere on your home screen to open the app drawer which provides much easier way to users and can open any apps in lesser time.

So you'll no longer have to initiate the swipe from the dock at the bottom of the screen, and once you open the app drawer by sliding up, you will notice some  change in the navigation bar that the white nav bar changed to black when opened app drawer which provide much clearer view to the user.


Settings menu has also changed in the android oreo to provide more user friendly service. strangely in the earlier version of android which has side navigation menu in the nought has now gone in Oreo. The interface of settings menu has also been changed to dark text in white background  so it looks better and recognisable. And all the settings has been reorganised and categorised to make the setting menu more simple and easily searchable of an specific setting.


Android Oreo has done better improvement in battery saving which apps drains out the battery life due to running in background. So now it has bring more optimization in battery saving which early introduced in marshmallow and going on it improved in nought and now it make more strict action on apps that perform in background.

Background Execution limit being imposed in Android Oreo will ensure that apps background services will no more run in background with heavy activity according to available memory or keep listener services open at all times. Even more helpful, apps can only request location updates "a few each hour." The location restriction will apply to all apps if they are requesting for permission or if they were built for Android 8.0 or an older version, so it seems Google is really paying very much attention on draining of batteries.


You may all using of wifi at literally every places but we if we kept on wifi or by mistake by all day it drains much power in background but when we turn off it behaves normally as it would be. so you will save battery by not having your phone scan for access points all day. But there is one features that will help you when you come home of tiredness and forget to turn on wifi so in android oreo it will automatically turn on when you come home based on your location access to see that you are around home wifi hotspot and it will automatically turn your Wi-Fi radio back on.

You can find this option under Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi -> Wi-Fi preferences. With the "Turn on Wi-Fi automatically" switch enabled


Google has introduced a new feature "autofill framework" in which it will allow apps to create and manage their own lists of auto-fill data, then Android Oreo will store this data into password fields when appropriate.

It is just like your google chrome app in which it store your username , password , addresses and all those confidentry data which autofill automatically whenever we fill into some website form account making and whatever in chrome app. So now it has introduced in Oreo for for autofilling data.By default, this feature uses passwords from your Google account, provided you've saved them in Chrome


You may used many apps and games which you have downloaded from playstore and any third party website for fulfilling your purpose but many times you notices most of your apps crashed or may cause something problem because of bugs and  errors which literally unavoidable until the another updates come so facing out this problem by users, Google has thing over and introduced their new feature "rescue party " in which if any apps crashes due to bugs the rescue party will attempt to fix the issue and it basically applies a series of escalating fixes when your phone repeatedly reboots, or when a persistent app continuously crashes.


You may watching YouTube videos or other video in any video player but sometime while playing videos you have an important mail which you have to immediately reply at that time this cool new feature picture-in picture mode will surely help you. This is a special type of split-screen window usefull for playing videos while performing any task or sending any important mails but work with this feature the app has to updated to support PIP. But you can work with VLC and YouTube .This is work like as the multi window feature


Bluetooth is one of the oldest wireless device which we used to send files or used in Bluetooth speakers. But this is criticized for its lower audio quality when compared to a set of wired headphones. When Google has introduced and improved Bluetooth codec then we start realising that the world has changed to wireless world told by apple. So Google has add this feature into the Android O which should greatly improve audio quality with compatible Bluetooth devices including some companies.

You may  want to connect with other devices to share the data between two devices but may are not on the same Wifi Network but google has changed this thinking and introduced its new feature called "Wifi Aware" in which it allows you to able to discover new Wifi network. then create a private network between them that can allow the devices to share data amongst themselves. This new feature will surely help the users to discover and connect via hoc local network.


Last but not the least, Google has introduced one more feature which will help you a lot. The Text selection feature has been added to Oreo in which it smartly detect the URL when you have selected the text in chrome. It includes intelligent action that automatically detect when you have selected the text .So You have to select URL in chrome and then the smart text selection will smarty detect and suggest to open it in a chrome. Or if any phone  number selected it will suggest to open in dialer app,
Just like that if any address is selected, Maps will pop up and so on.

So, This is all the New features that comes in Android O. so i have given enough information to clear all your doughts. I expected you go through it if any you can ask any question reguarding this fell free to contact

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