10 Effective Tips to a Become Sucessful YouTuber..

YouTube is a world largest video media platform where probably every second person is creating a YouTube channel and posting the video of almost every category on it. Where we can do probably every random search and showing thousands of results on it. There are a millions of people which is creating YouTube channel inspired by other big Youtubers . They create great attractive and useful content and start copying this by other inspired YouTubers . mainly modifying this and post it to their channels.

Also, YouTube has become a source of earning money by which small and big YouTubers has started their channel with the motive of earning money. By knowing this through people and an increasing number of channels. The YouTube has earlier introduced AD policy in which the creators having less than 10,000-lifetime views will not able to monetize (placing ads on their videos) their videos. This policy helped very much to the big YouTubers and original content created by reducing the spam on YouTube in which fake content are promoting by people and wall it to the trending page.

After being a part of YouTube and being a content creator. And after Spending a lot of time and experienced in YouTube. I have observed that many small YouTubers starting their channel as I written above are not able make a such great content that they it to be. Many small mistakes and carelessness made their videos boring. And later on they leave YouTube. So after observing and analysing this problem. I have explained 10 useful tips that can help very much to make great content.


Choosing an appropriate category is the first main thing that the beginning of an channel starts right from there. Before creating channel people confused to choose an appropriate category which mainly depend on their interest or just they have to start the channel any how by copying others. Well you can choose any category that suits on you only thing is that the category is containing rich of topics. For example if you have choose lifestyle or fashion. You  have to manage and should be updated according to new changing lifestyle or fashion. But rather you can choose that category which contain many content like "technology" , "education", How to and gaming..


Well, it is the main factor that many channels don't recognize by YouTube and people are not able to search another channel by choosing awfull channel name. Choosing a channel name is the main key to be searchable by the viewer. Use a channel name that is well thought out, to show a professional and iconic channel for users to remember

For example, a boy name shubham Kumar who likes to sing song could use recognizable channel name like SubhamSings, Kumar'sVoice, Kumar Singh or any thing which is little creative or something new which is easy to remember.


After creating and starting their channel people starts to search topics. This is the hardest and cursing thing that most of the people used to search over the internet (including me). Finding topics in a certain category is the time taking process. so may people start copying the others content and after doing some modification they paste (post) on their channel. This creates a lot of confusion when people search on some topic and found thousands of copied contents on it.

So I suggest you should use Google Trends like websites which shows you country wise Top Trending topics which you can include it on your videos or You can use such topics which people want most demanding and correct information on that topic


Many of the people are luckily to create up to the above Tips on their own but they struck most of the time in creating content in various certain areas because the content is the heart of the entire video. Greater the quality of content greater the chance of attracting people to the channel. Every small thing is essential for making a great content weather it is light, voice and camera so I have sub divided these small essential things into categories so that I can cover all doughts and topics to you.

1. Recording - Recording is the first foremost thing that should be correctly done. If you are shooting by camera make sure you should place and fixed the position of camera to shoot an object. camera should be stable if you are holding it by your hand or may shooting while moving shots. this enable the viewer to look very stable recording of an object and help to create greater content.

2. Voice Recording - Voice recording is the most common problem that I have seen the others videos.Good Recording gives the viewer to listen what you are saying . So try to make sure that you should not record the voice with your phone in case of some mobile phones. You should purchase an good quality mic. I am not saying that you purchase the expensive one but many good mics are available in market and online store like you can buy Rodes mic or Tarkan mic. These are the probably best cheap audio recorder that you can use in your videos.

3. Lightning - lightning is also an essential part that helps to give the more visible view in the videos. Lightning enhances the videos while recording. If you are shooting yourself at a desk, be sure to buy a (white) light to sit in front of you and a high-definition camera to record your beautiful face. Nothing is more annoying than a blurry video, which has been shot in a dark room with rubbish sound and no faded music in the background.

4. Editing - Editing act as an catalyst which gives the most precisely frames cut and adding awesome effects to enhance videos. Most of the people ask which editor you use. The matter is not the which should you use the main matter is that how much you can use the editor or how much you know about that editor . So I should suggest that you should to basic editing like I do . Firstly you have to learn editing in window movie maker if you are a beginner then I suggest you can edit through Fillmore or sony vegas pro.


While you create the content. Many of you used to copy some content or clips from others channel and may some pictures. After some days you will find that Your channel has a copyright strike which can be very dangerous that your channel can be suspended by your just little mistake.

So to avoid copyright strike you should maintain the originality of content. I know many of you face difficulties while searching a picture that you have to use in your videos, such pictures that is not possible to take or any video clip that that is necessary to use. So at this case you can use google search images that are to be modified settings under tools,>usage rights> labelled for noncommercial reuse with modification or labeled for non commercial reuse for images and for video you should use video blocks, Shutterstock like famous websites which provides millions of free videos for making videos purpose. Or the overall content is to be 100% original.


Add content that people want to watch. Publishing the same category content will increase boring among your subscribers. If you had a singing channel and posting only songs covers will not create so much fun excitement If you upload a singing video Throw in some videos of you singing at a talent show, or practising singing in your car. If you create exciting content that is unpredictable, people will want to come back for more and see the ‘latest’ video coming from you/your channel.
Do something creative and new that people will surely come and watch.


The best YouTuber also used to post regularly to rapidly increase in their subscribers. Posting regularly doesn't mean that posting anything. If you have chosen as a career option or an part time you should have to regularly post to YouTube. The consistent uploading of videos is the most important factor to gaining and keeping an audience––posting videos regularly is considered a full-time job and even a career for over 9,000 YouTubers. Then you may have a question in your mind that I am not uploading regularly. Well I have no time to make and upload

So, Regularity of new content is guaranteed to get you noticed on YouTube. Regular can be daily, weekly or several times a week. If you are a busy person who is balancing work or school with YouTube, you might consider uploading weekly. This also will help the viewers to get the latest updates or newest topic firstly by your channel


Trust is the important thing that the world is running on. All videos that you are uploading weekly or daily have created the trust between your subscribers and you. You should maintain the trust that you upload that type of content which is to be expected by your viewers.

That will help very much in case you are facing the decrease in subs at then the bond between your subs that is the trust will help you. So make sure you should try to always reply to the comments in the form of questions or any personal questions . And all those possible things that required to satisfy you, viewers.


This is the last tip that is very important to get more viewers. Adding your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter into your channel is the best way to enlarge your community. By posting some interesting updates and some short video clips can very much help to boost your channel. By adding interesting photos of your YouTube journey like getting YouTube to play buttons to you Instagram can help more to know the people and viewers about you and also make famous...

So these are the 10 effective ways that you can become more successful youtube. I hope You go though it and I have explained much information that I expected to be helpful but if you have any problem feel free to contact.

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